Mobile development

To provide a sufficient list of services to our customers, we’ve created a mobile direction which has been in action since 2018.


If you are restricted on time and budget, you should pay attention to cross-platform development, as you won’t need to have various apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones.
In spite of the fact that those apps have some constraints, the cost and time savings are meaningful. There are a lot of technologies to build before-mentioned mobile applications, however, we practice the most stable and attractive – React Native, Kotlin, Xamarin.


UI/UX is obviously even more important for mobile apps than for web development since you have to put all the functionality from a big screen into a small one.
We like the process of creating new apps and have prosperous cases of building such that are currently on the market.


Before leading you through the way of developing a mobile application and discern details of nuts and bolts from which it is made, it is necessary to mention about some basic things.
Application development is a time-consuming process that demands precise preparation and management.
It does not matter, what kind of development you choose – in-house or outsource to a third-party software development company, you should go by some predetermined stages.

You should pay attention if an app is produced for iOS and Android platforms individually, this will additionally expand the scope of work and final expenses.
Following steps include the conventional application development roadmap:


Discuss with a mobile app development organization for analyzing the future app, define its purpose audience, and interpret the business requirements. At this stage should be involved software architects to take into consideration everything that can influence the composition of the application. Based on the conducted analysis, experts create an app fundamental structure that serves as a solid foundation for the upcoming development stages.


Discuss with software engineers to choose the most fitting kind of an app: native, hybrid, or cross-platform.
Remark, that for complicated and high-load solutions, native apps are suggested. If you are an Android app development company and need iOS professionals, you should use a remote team or team expansion.


Choose designers or request the assistance of a mobile app development company to create UX and UI design. The team of UI/UX specialists develops a strong digital product from scratch and maintains that every client deserves a personalized suggestion that could fully satisfy their business wants.


The development should be started with an MVP to get feedback for later updates and reduce risks. Continue appending the essential functions and provide for the launch of the final variant.


Collaborate with a mobile app development company to test the product for any bugs and continue supporting it after the launch.
The team of QA engineers guarantees reliable and stable application performance on each phase of software development, from requirements discovery to testing and post-release maintenance.

Obviously, the application development is more complex than just a sequence of stages. Nevertheless, such a roadmap should help you understand where to start from and how a software development team works.