Web development

One of the central focuses of IZZISoftware.


Frontend development (also known as client-side development) gives the user the possibility to cooperate with software, which is why we have a team of frontend developers who work on that constantly.
Developers of our team, who are most experienced are involved in the processes of reviewing the scope of work done by the whole team.
We usually tend to work with React, but also, we are familiar with other frontend frameworks.


Backend Development comprises approximately 60% of the services we have provided.
100% of them are Django/Python backend development.
We have strong Django/Python experts who are keeping the same high level of excellence for all of our projects and are continually checking the level of developers to implement the best performance to our customers.


Usually from this step depends whether end-users will use the software or skip it immediately next to signing up.
If your intention is the MVP, you can’t use extra resources for UI/UX, but if you need the highest results at the final release, you should pay attention to this stage, since, you can underestimate it’s involving for software success.


The original software can’t exist without bugs. That’s why it is significant to test its quality.
The important question – who should make tests for it – QA engineer or developer who has written it?
We suggest that every one of them should do it but on different steps and sides. Developers can correct the origin code logic and find a broken structure. QA engineer mostly can check the user side, play all possible scenarios of contact users with software, and return precise gaps, which should be changed for an excellent performance.
This helps our clients save extra money and time, and propose the end-users better product.


Before starting the development, you should think over the future of the project for avoiding numbers of bugs and provide stability, scalability, and flexibility of the system. All of the above are highly affected by the architecture that is designed at the start. That’s why we have so many questions for our clients. We use software architecture principles intensively for setting up the correct development approach on the project.


Almost all web projects we work involve our work API.
Usually, we integrate with a 3rd party API but, also, we can build it from scratch.


Sometimes after production appears to need to change features.
We are pleased to provide post-production support for our clients.
Also, we are proud of our support, because, for us, it means that our clients trust and want to work with us.


An interesting alternative to traditional project management, Agile methodology is mostly used in the informational technology industry.
It is a useful tool for starting from scratch projects with many unclear details. It allows do changes during the development and always be oriented to the results.